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Lauren McLemore

"Thought Life Confessions is the perfect guide, manual, instruction pack for anyone who needs a hand to hold to lead them through the anxieties and insecurities that come with being a successful woman."

(Communications Specialist)

Courtney McClendon

"This book is definitely timely. It was so practical. Cameisha is a great storyteller. I love when the author can be transparent and can let you know their own journey. This book leads you closer to Christ. I could relate to "Everything Evelyn" It was a phenomenal book!."

(Restoration Coach)

Stephanie Ferrara

"The whole book is amazing! You've got to read it! It's a beautiful expression of how we find true success in all areas of our lives and that's by taking control of our thoughts."

(Business Coach)

In the Thought Life Confessions Book you will learn...

  • Cameisha's FAIL framework for ultimate success
  • Key strategies to learn to manage your anxiety as you're creating success
  • Ways to help you manage the rush life and not be overwhelmed
  • Tips to help you unlock mindset blocks that have been holding you back for years
  • Real life case studies of successful women who were struggling with their thought life and the exact strategies Cameisha provided
  • How to handle life when things start going really, really, unbelievably well and you're on the verge of champagne problems
  • Thought provoking stories to channel your inner courage, be inspired, laugh, and mentally level up!

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About the author Cameisha Brewer Ed.S. LPC

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Cameisha is a true powerhouse

If you are a high achieving successful woman who is dealing with mindset blocks in your personal or professional life and you're ready to shift, Cameisha is the woman you need. 

As a therapist, thought life coach, speaker, and author, Cameisha is passionate about helping people prioritize their mental health. Whether you’ve heard her speak at an event or talked with her during a session, any conversation with Cameisha is intriguing and thought provoking. 

Cameisha’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from being an orphaned teen living on public assistance to becoming a young successful entrepreneur with a thriving business is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that with God all things are possible. Today, fans across the country admire her mission of teaching people how to build a life they love by shifting their thoughts into alignment with their goals. If you're ready to manage your negative thoughts, and develop healthy thought patterns this book is for you!